Refusing to Wait for the State: Canadians Fly to the U.S. for Healthcare

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In 2016, an estimated 63,000 Canadians, including roughly 9,000 Albertans, elected to forego the offerings of Canada’s health care system and pursued medical treatment outside the country.

The findings of the ‘Leaving Canada for Medical Care’  report compiled by The Fraser Institute found thousands of Canadians were willing to pay for procedures and travel in order to reduce wait times for procedures or to undergo treatments not available in Canada.

“Quality of life seems to be the driving factor for people to come down here,” explained Lindzy Roth, a registered nurse who serves as the international medical tourism and wellness compass coordinator at Kalispell Regional Healthcare. “It’s not that they wouldn’t get great care (in Canada), they just want to get it done a bit sooner than they can get it done up there.”


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