Wealthy Football Players Fly to Germany for Healthcare

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On Monday, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll informed the media that five players on the team had left the country in order to receive Regenokine therapy. With linebacker KJ Wright just returning to the team after his own therapeutic trip, this means that over 10% of the team’s roster has had to go overseas to get ready for the 2017 season.

The treatment, which includes injecting the patient with a serum derived from their own blood, has become popular among athletes ­suffering from joint pain. In 2012, Kobe Bryant famously flew to Germany for the treatment, which he credited with allowing him to continue playing basketball. In fact, Dr. Peter Wehling claims his treatment has a 90% success rate, which has been supported by published studies.

Unfortunately for America’s athletes, Regenokine has still not been approved by the FDA. This means that not only is it more expensive and difficult for athletes to receive the treatment’s benefits — but renders it almost impossible for the millions of average Americans suffering from chronic pain.


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